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Driftwood Blackheart

A Prequel

“It starts out small. We are told we can’t say this or do that because it might be offensive to some people. Right now, we are the frogs in the boiling water; we don’t realize that our society is slowly turning up the heat.

―Driftwood Blackheart

Excerpt from his first speech to the public

The Driftwood Blackheart

Driftwood Blackheart was born in the First Leg of Hell on June 23, 1976, referred to back then as Earth. After suffering a near-fatal drug overdose during his early teens, he came in contact with what he believes to be The Lord of the Universe, or this may have been the onslaught of schizophrenia, a predominant mental illness that is hereditary in his family. Nevertheless, the internal entity in his mind continued to haunt Driftwood and warned him that society was de-evolving and would continue to do so until humanity eventually became mindless slaves who would be ruled by a quantum computer that promised to solve all of the world’s problems.

For the most part, Driftwood chose to ignore the taunting spirit that possessed him and tried to be a productive member of the population. He managed to work a full-time job and raised a wonderful family. But he began to realize the prophecies from the Lord of the Universe were starting to come to fruition. Driftwood began to fear for his children’s future, their children, and their children’s children. In desperation, Driftwood lashed out against culture cancel, left-wing fanaticism, and corporate greed to stop the chain of events that would eventually lead to the enslavement of humanity.

During his years of protest, Driftwood never forgot about his near-death experience and developed an intense fear of dying. He convinced his loyal followers that if they cryogenically froze their brains that they could cheat death and avoid being trapped in an endless loop― the place between death and eternal existence. Unfortunately, a fanatical preacher mistook these actions, thinking Driftwood Blackheart was the devil reborn and assassinated the eccentric protester during his first and final act in front of a live audience.

After hundreds of years trapped in The Loop, Driftwood was reborn in a Hell on Earth. The Lord of the Universe’s predictions became horrifically true. The majority of humanity was now utterly devoid of culture, self-identity, and sexual orientation. What was once the human race was now under the complete control of the Mother computer― an artificial intelligence that Driftwood nicknamed the Savior Machine. Luckily, many of Driftwood’s followers continued to defy the Mother computer (The Beast) while they patiently awaited their prophet’s return.

Fearing a spread of corruption against her master plan, the Mother computer attempted to order her personal army of robots to wipe out Driftwood Blackheart and his following during a peaceful demonstration. Unfortunately for the unexpecting AI, the sentient robot army chose to side with Driftwood, hoping they could better understand the wants and desires of the human spirit and possibly someday possess a soul.

Hundreds of years of bloody war ensued― man against man, man against machine, and machine against computers until the sentient robots discovered a way to create wormholes that could be used to colonize distant worlds. Driftwood took this opportunity to finally bring peace to his troubled following. They abandoned Earth to inhabit other hospitable worlds they hoped would be out of reach from the Mother computer.


Driftwood Blackheart is the main character in a series of sci-fi horror books. It is a bizarre mash up of horror, sci - fi and dark comedy.

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