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A Bizarre mash up of horror, sci-fi and dark comedy

Jacob Miller, a teenager who has lived in the isolated and deeply religious community of New Hope all his life, never believed the old stories about how the devil and his demons would invade their town and carry away souls. Only a few surviving elders could claim to have witnessed these horrors first-hand two generations ago, yet nobody knows for sure what lies beyond the boundaries of New Hope. Everyone who has ever wandered beyond its limits was either never seen again or returned, frightened to death and claiming they’d seen the eyes of the devil himself watching over them from a darkened sky.

Over the generations, the once-pious population has become complacent, and it turns out that the old stories Jacob refused to believe are all too true. Hell is actually a thriving civilization with advanced technology that evolved from an ancient satanic and sadistic culture—with a hidden, and dark, connection to New Hope. With New Hope’s sins mounting—from Jacob’s elicit love outside his arranged marriage to a local pervert who peeps on women and fantasizes about abduction and murder —the next Reaping of Souls is imminent, and the citizens of New Hope will witness the true price of their transgressions.

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