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Prelude to Destruction

Welcome back to New Hope and Hell. Did you enjoy the last ride?

The sinful underbelly in New Hope is starting to swell and is ready to burst, while tensions in Hell are boiling to a head. What could Jacob’s prophetic nightmares possibly signify? And how outside of Hell could they be so detailed― seeing horrific faces that he’d never met before?

The Beatings Continue

Perhaps New Hope and Hell are more closely connected than anyone realizes. But why? The number of random beatings for retaliation in Hell continues to escalate, but how much more abuse can the Lost Souls endure? The Dark Lord feels confident that a rebellion can be quickly squashed because He possesses a secret cache of weaponry that is even more powerful than the Demonic telepathic powers wielded by the Campbells. But the Unholy Ruler secretly harbors a more profound hidden fear, a fear of the past. Who is the mysterious Driftwood Blackheart, what is his connection to Eden and its protected background, and why is the Second Leg of Hell terrified of the possibility that the Once Man may one day return?






Audio Books


Audio Books

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