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The Downward Spiral

Say Your Prayers New Hope!

Unfortunately, the wicked wheels of sin are set in motion. So, the once pious town is heading straight towards another Reaping of the Souls. But is it truly too late? Is it possible that if they repent now and sacrifice the three biggest sinners in town, their souls can be spared? That’s what Reverend Pryor has convinced everyone, but will his secret motives and the desperation to cover up his own sins push New Hope past the brink and ultimately destroy what little remaining defense they have?

Hell is watching closely
The villainous society has its own problems to deal with. The Lost Souls are just about fed up with the constant abuse, and one of the Dark Lord’s daughters appears to be possessed by a God-like entity from the past, but no one dares speak its name. Could it possibly be the same spirit that haunted Driftwood Blackheart and the Bloody Antagonists, the one that drove them all completely insane? If so, there can only be death and destruction in store for all of Eden. Or worse yet, it may soon return to being a Ghost World.






Audio Books


Audio Books

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