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Horror, Black Comedy & Science Fiction Books

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The Downward Spiral

Unfortunately, the wicked wheels of sin are set in motion. So, the once pious town is heading straight towards another Reaping of the Souls. But is it truly too late?




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Prelude to Destruction

The sinful underbelly in New Hope is starting to swell and is ready to burst, while tensions in Hell are boiling to a head. What could Jacob’s prophetic nightmares possibly signify?




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Dusk & Dawns

Dusks and Dawns is the first book in a series that features Jacob Miller, a teenager who has lived in the isolated and deeply religious community of New Hope all his life. He never believed the old stories about how the devil and his demons would invade their town and carry away souls




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The God-Fearing People Series

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The Saga of


The Story of a Man's Struggle From
Human Extinction

Driftwood Blackheart had a traumatic childhood and become addicted to many mind-altering drugs during his teen years, which may have triggered the same mental illnesses that are hereditary to his family.


During a brief death experience, he witnesses in his mind the fabric of the universe dissolve then reestablish itself repeatedly in a never-ending loop. He can see plain as day that mankind is de-evolving and will soon be under the complete control of an artificial intelligence, a quantum computer that will promise to solve all of humanities problems.

In desperation Driftwood lashes out at culture cancel and corporate greed to stop the chain of events that will lead to humanities eventual slavery....[more]

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About the Author

SS Ralph

I’m a writer from Newfoundland, Canada. My favorite authors are Clive Barker and Frank Herbert, so my writing style is a mash-up of horror, black comedy, and science fiction, which I like to call dark sci-fi. My main influences come from the multi-cultural music I listen to and the horror movies I grew up watching when I was a kid.


On top of completing the entire Driftwood Blackheart saga, I also hope to sell related merchandise online and start a nonprofit charity organization.

Get Ready For A Mystifying Trip To Hell!

Here is one of the best black comedy novels for you that will fade the time and world around you into mere background noise. The God-Fearing People horror book series by SS Ralph takes you on an incredibly mystifying tour. You will witness medieval superstitions come true, satanic prophecies hinting at the imminent bond between hell and an otherwise religious community, confrontation with the Devil, and in a twist of events, the realization of a bigger occurring. As technology and horror collide with a force so fierce, you will find yourself hungry for more details as you continue to turn over the pages of the best sci-fi horror books.

The meticulous plot keeps on unfolding as you continue to read these good sci-fi horror books. Starting from the increasing urge of the Devil and demons for the invasion, voluntary confrontation with the residers of hell, to the return of the appearance of immortal freedom fighter who will help solve the Gordian knot.

The Series

The God -Fearing People

The Original Series

The Electric Funeral

The God-fearing People origins

 Cathedral  of Bones

The God-Fearing People sequel


The Driftwood Blackheart origins

Mary Thirteen

The God-Fearing People prequel

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